Exhibits & Displays

How does the world see you?

In today’s fast paced global economy, it’s not enough just to be seen by the world, you must also shape yow the world sees you…

…at Hollenbeck Exhibits we help you do both.
  • I & D (Installation and Dismantle)

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    Our team of I&D professionals is available for you at venues all around the United States and internationally as well.  Our California- based staff can supervise labor worldwide if requested.
  • Total Project Management

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    We provide the know-how to design, build, ship, assemble, store and refurbish exhibits for trade shows and events around the globe.  We provide a total turnkey solution for your exhibit needs, letting you focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Storage

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    We provide secure storage for your exhibit materials in locations from coast to coast.
  • Graphics

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    We design and print graphics on all substrates from acrylic to tension fabric to flooring and more.  Graphics can be produced in as little as 48 hours and there is NEVER a rush charge.
  • Rental

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    We offer a wide range of exhibits for rental on a daily/weekly basis from small table top displays to 20’x20’ islands and beyond.   Our exhibit properties can be customized to project your message and image.  
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